Lumberjack saw ‘fire in the sky’ before being experimented on by ‘small hairless aliens’

A former lumberjack says he’s finally starting to feel vindicated that people believe his story that he was abducted by aliens almost 50 years ago.

Travis Walton was working in the mountains in Arizona when he went missing for five days in 1975.

His co-workers insisted that they had seen a giant UFO in the area, describing it as a ‘ fire in the sky’, and were initially suspected of murdering Travis.

However Travis suddenly reappeared five days later and said he had been taken by hairless aliens with big eyes – not only that but they experimented on him, reports The Daily Star.

Since then he has written a book on his experience which was also made into a film in 1993.

Travis told The Sun : “When I go out in public now, instead of ‘there’s that crazy guy’ and now it’s, ‘Hey, can I get a picture with you?’

“People from authoritative sources talk to me, such as police officers – many of the officers I’ve encountered see things when they’re out on patrol.”

He added that even people from NASA have contacted him and he now believes there is a general shift in people’s attitudes towards alien abductions.

On November 5 1975, Travis said he and his co-workers saw a fire in the sky before they realised it was a metallic shape.

Travis moved towards to the huge disc before it began to make noises and he tried to duck for cover.

He was struck down by a blue laser beam and then thrown up into the air – his crew told police they thought he stepped on a landmine and was killed.

When he came round he found himself on what he said was a spaceship and surrounded by aliens.

Speaking at a festival marking the 75th anniversary of the infamous Roswell UFO crash, he said: “I think there’s other reports with similar descriptions, but I don’t think that necessarily means that they all come from the same place or the same family.

“It was very blurry and I had some double vision but I could see the outline of these forms around me.”

He added: “I thought they were doctors but when my vision got clearer and I could see these were not doctors – I just flipped out.”

Travis said he escaped the room after warning off the creatures with an instrument he found onboard and leaving through a narrow passageway.

But he ended up in another room and was rendered unconscious by a human being in what looked like a space helmet.

The next thing he knew, Travis found himself just outside the nearest town of Snowflake, Arizona – some 15 miles from where he disappeared.

He walked for five days until he made it back to his town, where people described him as looking ‘shell-shocked’ and ‘devastated’.

Travis and his crew all took 12 lie detector tests to prove their story.

No one believed them and Travis also took a battery of psychiatric testing to show he was mentally stable.

He said: “People were desperate to explain it away, ‘Oh he was hallucinating on drugs’,

“Well what about the fact that I had blood and urine samples put through the Maricopa County medical examiners, drug screenings showed no trace of any drug whatsoever in my body…

“If it’s a drug hallucination, how do seven people have the same hallucination?

“It just doesn’t happen. In every detail they’re saying the same thing, it’s ridiculous.”

Despite the story sounding far-fetched, Travis believes that the US government hatched the whole abduction and still fears that it might happen to him again one day.